Favorite Developer Tools for 2021

1. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code has matured in the last few years.

2. Docker

docker run -d -t --name robot_env --restart unless-stopped -v `pwd`:/root/workspace osrf/ros:foxy-desktop 

3. GITHub

GITHub still holds the core of versioned code and has added additional features which enable teams to more efficiently use it as a central communication hub for development.

4. PostMan

Postman enables you to easily test new APIs without writing code and to write groups of queries and reuse them, saving significant time.

5. Ubuntu Linux

While Ubuntu has been around for a very long time, the groundswell of non-sys-admin users has really increased, making it a much better general-purpose dev environment for coding.

6. CircleCI

CirceCI just works and is flexible enough with its container-based deployments that you can do anything with it that you want.

7. Chrome Dev Tools

Chrome has a huge number of debugging tools, including chrome://webrtc-internals, which give a fully detailed view into what is happening when something breaks.

8. Slack

Slack has become a repository of knowledge, images, videos and code snippets, not just a messaging service.

9. Google Meet

For our developers, especially with just typing `/hangouts` in slack, Google Meet has been a goto for screen sharing and co-programming sessions.

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